Bangor Public Library Holds a Luau 

If you’d like to take a hula lesson, the library might not be your first place to look. But on Friday at the Bangor Public Library’s luau, local kids were taught the steps.”It’s a program and we’re having a luau,” said 9-year-old Sadie Fraser-Read.It’s part of the library’s summer reading program called, “One world, many stories.” Kids learned stories from Hawaii through different luau-themed activities.In addition to the games and crafts, the event featured snacks from Hawaii too. The kids sipped on Hawaiian punch and they ate some tropical foods.”Taking a pineapple and dipping it in pudding and dipping it in coconut. It tastes really good,” said one luau attendee.And to get a break from the heat, they enjoyed Bangor’s version of a Hawaiian waterfall.The hope is that after attending this luau, the kids will be interested in exploring other places through the library’s resources.”Our basic motivation is to want them to come to the library to find books and just enjoy what they’re reading,” said Christine Erickson, Acting Children’s Librarian.This luau and the library’s other events are all about showing kids that learning can be fun.