Commission Meets To Alter & Equalize Maine’s Congressional Districts 

A 15-member commission that will alter Maine’s two congressional districts met in Augusta this morning.The bipartisan group will try and make the 1st & 2nd congressional districts as equal as possible in terms of population. Census data shows the 1st district, currently represented by Democrat Chellie Pingree, has around 6800 more residents than the 2nd district which is represented by another Democrat Mike Michaud.the commission is made up of democratic and republican lawmakers and three private citizens including a non-partisan chairman. That chairman, Bangor attorney Michael Friedman from the law offices of Rudman and Winchell, says the commission is working on a tight deadline. It’s up to the commission to try and equalize the two districts. “Well what it means is some people who voted in the first district in the last election for their congressional representative will now be switched to the second district. And vice versa,” Friedman says.Democrats and Republicans will now meet to come up with their plans on redistricting. They’ll meet again in a few weeks to swap those ideas before coming up with their recommendation.That recommendation must be approved by the U.S. District Court.