Planning a Vacation Budget 

A budget is the story of your money. So budgeting for a vacation is figuring out the future story and setting money aside for the fun. Destination- if you are planning a vacation to Europe, you won’t be able to drive, so airline costs will be a mandatory cost. Whatever your destination, you can make it less costly if you plan to go during more off-season times. You don’t need to go at the bleakest time, but if you travel on the edges of the destinations’ high season you may still enjoy a delightful time but with less costs.Travel + lodging- These will probably be the biggest costs, so hunting for deals could really help. Booking at the last minute, or far in advance may be the strategies you may employ to save money. Think creatively, read books on great ideas for saving money and do some online hunting for great deals.Food + fun- Plan ahead of time how many meals will beat the high-end restaurants or cooking on your own. Buy staples to feed yourselves for less when possible. Take part in a cooking class at your destination city for a great memory and yummy food.Cheap fun- Is being a tourist in your own region. Plan day trips to cool sights you haven’t visited before. Camp in the back yard or at State parks. Generally a great way to save for a destination vacation is to enjoy cheap vacations for a while and save.Taking breaks is important and the memories are terrific. Whether a destination vacation is on your annual calendar or it is a rare treat, remember you can have fun for little money when you use your imagination.Citations:Marion R. Syversen, MBA – [email protected]com Check out our website that includes weekly streaming Vote Norumbega Financial for Bangor’s Best Financial Planning Firm at Market Surveys of America In compliance with requirements from FINRA, all e-mail sent via the WSFG domain will be subject to review and archiving by Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Email management, archiving & monitoring technology powered by Smarsh, Inc. Disclosure:Only securities and advisory services offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. and Norumbega Financial are separate entities, independently owned and operated.