Bangor Humane Society Offering Discounts for Adoptions 

The Bangor Humane Society says more than ever it needs folks to come on in and adopt pets.With more than 2-hundred cats, the shelter on Mount Hope Avenue is nearing capacity.The Humane Society is offering discounted prices and promotions all summer long for those adopting pets.Stacey Coventry says pet owners are surrendering animals at an increasing rate because of the economy.She urges folks who are looking for a pet to adopt because they will not only save some money but also an animal’s life.”It’s a great deal. All of our pets not only are evaluated but they all come spayed and neutered which is a huge expense cost saved right there and if they’re old enough they’re all up to date on their shots as well,” she said.With more than 2-hundred cats, the shelter on mount hope avenue is nearing capacity.For more information, call the bangor humane society at 942-8902 or check them out online at