Troop Greeters Give Pediatric Patients T-Shirts of Support 

Members of the military from all over the country are showing their support for some young patients in Bangor. Friday, Maine Troop Greeters passed out special t-shirts to kids at Eastern Maine Medical Center.They’re covered in well-wishes from troops who’ve passed through the airport in Bangor during their overseas travels. The Troop Greeters help gather the signatures then work with the Children’s Miracle Network to give out the shirts.We’re told the kids are usually pretty overwhelmed to see how many people sign their wearable get-well cards. The project is pretty emotional for military members, too. Troop Greeter Nory Jones says, “When we tell them what it’s for, these big burly sergeants, they just sort of melt … Awwww! And they do, they say this is why we’re fighting – for these kids.”Lauren Rudnicki, a parent of a patient says, “Everything the troop treeters do is amazing and the fact that they would do this for these kids in the hospital just goes to show how great they are and how big their hearts are. I think it’s really amazing.”The troop greeters usually gather enough signatures to pass out shirts every couple of months. Friday, the kids also got a chance to meet a local hockey legend – former Umaine goalie Frank Doyle, who now plays professionally.