Cookin’ With Cathy: Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw 

1/2 small cabbage, cored & shredded1/4 red cabbage, cored & shredded1 medium carrot, peeled and julienned1/2 cup golden raisins3/4 cup mayonnaise1/4 cup white vinegar2 Tbsp. Agave nectar1/2 tsp. kosher salt1/4 tsp. fresh ground black pepper1/8 tsp. ground cayennePlace cabbages, carrot and raisins in a large bowl. Set aside.In a small bowl combine mayonnaise, vinegar, Agave nectar, salt, black pepper and cayenne until smooth. Pour over cabbage mixture and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve.Recipe Submitted by: Cathy Speronis