Lincoln Woman Shares Her Remarkable Story 

Brenda Millett was always an avid walker and motorcycle enthusiast. She also loved to sing country music.But gradually those activities became difficult.”I would go out for a walk and I wanted to go, but my body wouldn’t let me. Kind of like it was holding me back. I would have to stop along the way and hold on to a mailbox and gather myself and go.”She kept going to the doctors, but because she couldn’t pinpoint her symptoms, it was hard to find a diagnosis.”It had to exacerbate to a serious point, a serious level in order to get the correct symptoms to be diagnosed.”That moment came when she was in the shower and couldn’t move her arms up to her head to shampoo her hair.Eventually, her muscles began completely shutting down.”January 2010 I ended up at Eastern Maine Medical Center just paralyzed from my shoulders right down to my knees. The only thing I could move was from my elbow to my hand and from my knee down to my feet.”Millett was finally diagnosed with polymyositis, a rare disease which causes the immune system to attack the muscles.A medication called Remicade was suggested to her, but it wasn’t FDA approved for her diagnosis, meaning the insurance company wouldn’t cover it.”I applied to the Remicade company which is made by Johnson & Johnson and they donated the Remicade for a year.”Millett says she could tell the medication was helping. She never had physical therapy.”By having to wait on myself and having to do for myself, it was my physical therapy.”Her mobility has returned and she’s able to get back to her music and all the other things she loves to do.Millett says this miracle has made her think differently.”Some people ask themselves why they get sick. I always question why I was chosen to get well.”