Collecting Unwanted Coupons is Rewarding in More Ways Than One 

In a tough economy, some folks are cutting back. Others are cutting coupons. Some are even looking for coupons you didn’t want.”We’re in Dexter at the transfer station.””I go through the newspapers here and look through and find all the coupons.”This is a new way to save money for Jamie Richardson, but it’s not foreign to her. When her Mom passed away, there were still coupons in her purse, but until recently, Jamie had never clipped a coupon.”It was something that has been going on for years in my family but I always thought I was too young.”Last spring, she started clipping, and it grew to heading to the transfer station to gather the inserts thrown out in the recycling.”Now I have a filing cabinet. I can file them. Right now they’re stacked up on my desk at home and then I’ll go through them and pick out what I want to buy and I’ll clip.”Jamie has even gotten her daughter involved. Misty moved home and was down on her luck and down on money.”I saw how much she had had, you know, how much she had consumed with all of the couponing and I was like, I want to try that, and it looked really easy at first, you know, she made it look so easy, but it wasn’t so easy but it’s a lot of fun, you get a lot out of it.”A lot of soaps, a lot of condiments, a lot of toothpaste, a lot of cake mixes. Everything.”As you can see, my cupboards are pretty well full and my closets, and other places.”But how much are they really saving?”We had our first big shopping trip and I had huge savings, HUGE, like I had 600 dollars worth of items and I ended up paying like, 40, yeah, there was a lot, it was a lot and the people at the store kept the receipt and now they have it there.”On small trips, they expect their bill to be cut in half. On a big trip, they could see savings of around 80 percent.”I don’t think I’ll ever stop couponing, now that I’ve had that first shopping trip, it’s like I don’t think I could ever stop doing it, I really don’t.””If you’re not saving a buck with the economy the way that it is, if you’re not saving a buck I’m going to be saving it.”If Jamie and Misty don’t use all the coupons they collect before they expire, they send them to troops overseas.Military members can use them up to six months after the expiration date.