People’s Veto Effort Launched to Repeal LD 1376 

Supporters of the new law requiring voters to register at least two days before Election Day say it’s a guard against voter fraud. But Ann Luther, with the League of Women Voters, believes it will exclude others.So an effort is under way for a people’s veto to repeal the law…”I don’t think there’s any question that if this law is allowed to stand it will mean that many, many Maine voters are not casting a ballot on Election Day,” she said.Secretary of State Charles Summers, who helped draft the bill, believes it won’t effect voter turnout.”Going back as far as 1960 to the Kennedy/Nixon presidential race Maine’s average voter turnout has remained the same in Presidential years, always average between 71-72 percent of what election laws are in place from 1960-2010 the average is always about 71-72,” he said when he spoke with us via telephone.Summers says the new law will ease the burden on polling clerks, but Luther says election officials tell her they need help with absentee voting. Last election in Bangor, 60 percent voted absentee.”They do not complain that same day registration burdens their workflow on Election Day and most of them I think would say the measures that are going to be instituted here are going to be worse,” she said.Referendum supporters need 57-thousand voters to sign petitions.”Even before this law was changed people had 252 days to personally appear at their town or city hall and register to vote under this bill you still have 250 days a year when you can register to vote,” said Summers.