Clinton Town Artifact Still Missing 

We have an update on a piece of local history stolen from the Clinton town office last month.Town officials say they still don’t know who swiped the Boston Post Cane. It’s more than 100-years-old and was presented to the oldest living resident in the town.Someone pried open a display case in the town office lobby and took it. Clinton’s town manager says they’re giving the thief one last chance to avoid prosecution. “I would encourage whoever stole the cane as I stated before to return it to us,” says Town Manager Aaron Chorostowsky. “There would be no questions asked we just encourage you to come into the town hall or leave it at night somewhere outside the town hall door. No questions asked. The case would be closed.”Police Chief Craig Johnson says they’ve contacted pawn shops and antique shops all over the state but there’s no sign of the cane. If the cane is not returned whoever stole it could be charged with felony theft.