Children are Jumping for Joy Over Maine Jump 

Bangor’s newest attraction has 12-year-old Makayla Quimby bouncing with excitement.”When I heard about it I thought it was going to be one of those things where there’s like one big bounce house and I was like that’s gonna be hard but I came there’s like multiple different ones I think it’s really neat,” she said.The Maine Jump, on Hogan Road is providing Makayla and children of all ages a healthy way to have fun.Owner John Dobbs was inspired to give the kids of Bangor something new when he saw the popularity of bounce houses at birthday parties.The four bounce houses are lead free and knowledgable staff members are on hand to make sure kids keep moving, safely. “There’s one trained staff member at each ride who sees an eye on things. They’re there immediately to take care unless anything happens,” Dobbs said.Dobbs created a special gluten free menu.His daughter is gluten intolerant. Dobbs says it’s a healthy menu, featuring homemade items to keep children away from junk food.”There is no soda, it’s all juice and teas, the entire menu is gluten free and nut free we have gluten free pizza, bread for our sandwiches that we make in house,” Dobbs said.The attraction also has an area dubbed the adult oasis where parents can enjoy themselves while the kids have their fun.Jenna Dineen is a mother of two who says this is a great place to beat the heat and the winter blues too.”I live in Bangor and I’m home with the kids all week, to find anything to do especially in the winter it’s a wonderful alternative to the options we have already.”Which is something everyone can jump for joy about.For hours and information, you can visit their website