Weight Watchers: Grilled Pizza 

This year for the Fourth of July how about grilling something different than hamburgers and hotdogs?  How about GRILLED RED, WHITE, and BLUE PIZZA? Jackie Conn, from Weight Watchers joined us to share an idea for a slimtastic 4th of July meal.Grilled pizza is easy, delicious, healthful and economic and just right for a Independence Day get-together because your guests can build their own pizzas.  Grilled PizzasBuy refrigerated fresh pizza dough (1lb) at the supermarket. (four servings)Put dough in a lightly floured bowl and allow to become room temperatureRemove room temperature dough from the bowl and separate into four ballsUse a rolling pin to flatten each ball, Place the individual pizza doughs on a lightly oiled (spray before turning on flame) and grill flipping once until each side is lightly brownedAdd toppings such as slices of red tomatoes and strips of red peppers, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and blue cheese crumbles and return to the grill until the cheese is melted. Offer guest other toppings too such as: tomato sauce, extra grilled veggies, herbs