Maine Football to Host High School 7-on-7 Tournament 

Football may only be played in the fall, but for high school football players, it’s a year long commitment.The University of Maine is reaching out to schools all over the state to try and help develop future black Bears. Prescott Rossi has more.Many high schools in Maine participate in seven on seven football during the summer. In an effort to foster a stronger relationship with Maine high schools, the UMaine football team announced today that they will host a seven-on-seven football tournament for Maine high schools. The event will take place on Saturday July 30th. The university has been working with local schools a lot in recent years. Last football season, John Bapst and Orono played a game at Morse Field. The goal for the seven on seven tournament is to have teams compete against each other before the start of their preseason practice sessions.Jack Cosgrove – Maine Head Coach“We want to expose those from the Southern part of the state to this campus and to the facilities here. You want to help all of us in the recruiting game. That’s important that players that are identified as possible recruits at the Division 1 level get a chance to come up here and be seen and be exposed to a division one opportunity.”The university decided on July 30th for the tournament so that high schools can end their seven on seven sessions with games at Morse Field.