Charter School Bill Passes 

It looks like public charter schools will be allowed in Maine.State lawmakers passed the bill, and Governor LePage has said he will sign it.The legislation will make federal grants available for the formation of public charter schools as well as for the state department of education.A school district, group of school districts or state charter commission are all qualified to form a public charter school.Proponents of the measure say that public charter schools have more flexibility than traditional public schools. While they are subject to the same state assessments and federal accountability requirements, charter schools can: implement innovative governance structures, such as teacher-leaders: may be flexible with their learning schedules, offering evening or weekend class time: can orient instruction toward a particular style of learning: and can hire teachers who may have particular experiences but not state certification. Passage of LD 1553 will make federal grants available for charter schools and for the Maine Department of Education. Charter school operators will be accountable to the school district or state charter commission that authorizes them, and the Department.