Benton Elementary Staff Wave Goodbye To Students 

For many school kids all over Maine this week marks the beginning of their summer vacation. It’s a day that some kids here have been looking forward to since last fall. It’s the last day of school at the Benton Elementary School and the start of summer vacation.Benton student Ethan Harrington already has his summer plans set. “Probably like going swimming at my camp and stuff,” he says.Every year here in Benton the faculty and staff line up to say so long to the students. It’s a tradition that started small but like a lot of good ideas it’s caught on says Benton Elementary Principal Suanne Giorgeti. “But the teachers on their own started going outside and wanted to just wave goodbye to the kids and then more teachers showed up so it’s the whole staff now,” she says, “so I’d say it’s probably evolved over the past 5 years.”The biggest ovation goes to the 6th graders. They’re leaving Benton Elementary for the final time as students. Next year they’ll head off to junior high. Kayla Spencer just finished the 6th grade. “It makes us feel proud to complete elementary school.”For the teachers here, like 5th grade teacher Rachel Languet and Morgan Pullen who teaches 4th grade, the last day of school is bittersweet. “I feel proud,” says Languet, “especially when the 6th graders walk through. Knowing that I taught some of them. It’s sad at the same time because you get attached to your class and you hate to see them go and grow up but they need to move on.” It’s not unusual to see a few tears shed but don’t worry, those tears won’t last too long. The students aren:t the only ones who have some rest and relaxation planned. The teachers also have a few plans of their own. “Soak up the sun go to the beach,” says Languet.