Local Students Spread Environmental Message Through Street Art 

Students at Fairmount School in Bangor are taking their environmental message to the streets. Fourth graders have teamed up with the Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District for a service learning project. They’re using stencils to spray paint storm drains with a message about reducing the use of lawn chemicals.”People should reduce their use of lawn chemicals if they’re using them on their properties because things that end up in your lawn that don’t get used actually end up in the storm water and go into the storm drains, which then flow directly into the Kenduskeag Stream,” said Chris Brewer, District Manager at the Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District.While the kids are enjoying being outside and using the spray paint, they seem to understand the important message behind the fun project.”You think it’s just going to stay in your yard, but when it rains it goes to the drain and it goes in the streams and river,” said Libby Spekhardt.”It goes into the Kenduskeag Stream and the Penobscot River and that is bad for the river and it pollutes it,” said Connor Lee.The students hope people in the neighborhood will take notice of their street painting and the message they’re trying to send.”I hope that they listen and do what the message says,” said Julie Lewis.This message isn’t just being spread through spray paint. The students are also leaving door hangers on houses with educational information about storm water pollution and their project.