Bangor Firefighters Beef it up For Local Calendar 

Bangor firefighter-paramedic Patrick Heathcote battles flames and smoke as part of the job.But at this photo shoot, he’s the one heating things up.”Nerve wracking. I mean let’s face it, most of us don’t like taking our shirts off at the beach,” he said.Heathcote is one of 12 firefighters striking a pose for the Bangor Fire Department’s 2012 calendar.The calendar started back in 2000 and comes out every two years to raise money for the Hose-5 Fire Museum.”The calendar raises anywhere from 20, 30, 35,000 dollars a year for us and that money so far has kept this museum together,” says Captain Matthew Costello.Firefighter-paramedic Randy MacDonald says preserving the history of the department is reason enough to beef it up.”I think it’s great for kids and adult to learn from history and see fire equipment from past and present.”MacDonald appeared in the first calendar and says times have changed…this one may be a bit risque, but he thinks it’s something everyone will enjoy.”I remember back in 2000, the first calendar, I wore a tank top and that was like pushing the envelope then and now like half of us have our shirts off so it’s definitely more risque than previous calendars.”Even if it’s for a cause the department believes in, heathcote says he’s not switching careers.”I would not want to be one , I’m very happy being a firefighter paramedic.”The calendar is expected to be released in August.