Old Town YMCA Gymnasts Prepare for National Competition 

A group of gymnasts in Old Town are heading out to compete nationally. The team is getting its final practices in at the Old Town YMCA. Prescott Rossi caught up with them there.The YMCA national meet begins next week in Toledo, Ohio. Many members of from the Old Town YMCA are leaving tomorrow. There will be 120 teams competing from 30 states. It’s a group of 18 kids from the Old Town YMCA. The kids range from third graders to sophomores in high school. Some of them competed at nationals last year when it was held in San Diego. At the Old Town YCMA, the gymnasts are now polishing their routines. This group is the only team from Maine competing in nationals. The kids say they are prepared and also looking forward to having some fun at this big event.Jordan Merchant – Level 6 Gymnast“We’re the only Maine team going to nationals for the last two years. I just think it’s incredible for little Old Town Maine to be making it to a nationwide competition.”Erica Karp – Level 5 Gymnast“Sometimes I’m sad because we have to drive there and sometimes I’m happy because it’s my first time and I’m just going to do the best that I can do.”All of the participants in next week’s national event will be honored at a Toledo Mud Hens baseball game. The first events for the Old Town gymnasts take place next Wednesday.