New Health Initiative Aims to Improve Medical Care and Reduce Cost 

By signing a plaque, members of the medical community have made a pledge to improve the quality of medical care for all patients.The US Department of Health and Human Services introduced “Partnership for Patients.” The initiative brings together the community along with providers and leaders to invest in patient safety.”Errors in patient care and not preventing potentially preventable complications is a problem in every American hospital,” said Dr. Erike Steele, Chief Medical Officer for EMHS.On a given day, about one in every 20 patients is affected by an infection related to hospital care.”Partnership for Patients” hopes to reduce such cases. in maine, more than 15 hospitals have already committed to the nationwide initiative.Officials with the program say it will help save 60-thousand lives over the course of three years.”It’s no longer an institution by institution effort. As hard as our institutions have been working to achieve these goals in improving healthcare quality it’s really a collective system based effort,” says Christie Hager, Regional Director for the US Department of Health and Human Services. Reducing medical errors not only improves medical care but also lowers costs to ensure that no patient gets left behind.”In the Medicare/Medicaid programs alone, system wide 30 million dollars in just the first three years of this initiative,” Hager said. Hager says the program goes along with the affordable care act. so it’s only fitting that maine would adopt this program.But the main vision of Partnership for Patients is to put the patients first.