Shepherd’s GodParent Home Celebrates 10th Anniversary 

A residential maternity home in Bangor celebrated its tenth anniversary Sunday.The Shepherd’s GodParent Home is place where women can come and they help them get on their feet.They have served more than fifty women in the past ten years.Sunday’s celebration wasn’t just for their anniversar,y through fundraising efforts they have been able to pay off their $150,000 mortgage.Their mortgage payment was around $800 and they say that payment was draining them. They are looking forward to being able to use that money for services within the house.”That payment being paid is just going to make it easier for us to run the home. Heat, lights just like the normal person has. All these other expenses come along. We have a parent that stays here twenty-four hours a day.”The GodParent home runs solely on donations from businesses, churches and community members.