I95 Northbound Near Mile Marker 182 Reduced to One Lane: Update 

I-95 Northbound near mile marker 182 in Bangor was reduced to one lane Sunday evening, following a report of a road rage incident.State police received the call around 7 pm.Authorities say the caller said a car was trying to run them off the road.The caller was asked to come to a stop. The other car involved was stopped shortly thereafter by a trooper.21-year-old Anthony Landry of Levant was arrested and charged with assault.29-year-old Robert Dellairo of Bangor was arrested and charged with assault, aggravated reckless conduct and resisting arrest.” That occurred at the intersection. They were stopped at a stop light, the original caller was engaging someone else in another vehicle. These people thought they were talking to them. Ended up jumping out and running up and assaulting the passenger of the vehicle, pulled him out of the vehicle and kicked and hit him.”There are no charges at this time. Authorities say a few items were taken from the second vehicle that will be looked at closely.It remains under investigation.