Take This Job & Love It: Housekeeping at The Harborside 

If you have an idea for our next Take This Job & Love It, email Chelsey at [email protected]————————A little over a week ago tourism season kicked off in Maine with the arrival of Memorial Day. Hotels, motels and B&B’s were busy throughout the state. Chelsey Anderson checked into a hotel in Bar Harbor. Not to stay, but to work. She’s here to let us know how that worked out. Chelsey?Chelsey: “Jim and Carolyn, The Harborside had a full house for the holiday weekend, and I did my part to get the hotel in ship shape.”————————-“Welcome to The Harborside. How can I help you?”Before you check in there’s a lot that goes on to get your room ready.(knock, knock, knock) Nardia: “Housekeeping.” (card clicks and door opens)Nardia and I had a lot to do.Nardia: “Clear the bed off, because this is a check out room.”I want you to notice how fast Nardia is at stripping her bed. Done in moments. And me….(Nardia laughs) Chelsey: “I’m not as fast as you!” Nardia: “That’s okay.” Chelsey: “Where’s it tucked in? Oh there it is.”Nardia helped me finish taking the linens off and bagging them for cleaning.Nardia: “I’m going to put on the pillow cases over here.”Nardia: “So you set it like this. Make sure the tag is down or the zipper. Okay.” Chelsey: “I can’t even open the pillow case.” Nardia: “Fix. Okay and tuck.” Chelsey: “You make it look easy. So I’m going to give it a try.”Chelsey: “I’m going to fold it down.” Nardia: “No, in.” Chelsey: “I’m going to fold it in. (laughter) I don’t think this is how yours looked. Like that?” Nardia: “Yes. “Chelsey: “I’m on my first pillow. That’s a little better.”I was obviously slowing Nardia down. Nardia: “You have to be fast because sometimes you have a lot of checkouts.”Her supervisor, Erica, dropped in to help me make my bed. And I was doing okay until we had to tuck the foot of the bed in.Nardia: “You’re going to lift everything up. Then you’re going to lift and sweep.”Sounded easy enough, right? Well, I couldn’t get this one… Time after time…Chelsey: “Is that right? Not quite.”Erica helped me finish the bed as Nardia added her final touches.Nardia: “We’re going to dust now.”I took care of the desk while Nardia… Well, took care of the rest of the room.After stocking the coffee and tea tray it was time to take on the bathroom.Nardia: “Glass clean. Garbage out.”We wiped everything down and replaced all the used bathroom essentials.Nardia: “We’re going to the shower.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Nardia: “That’s the hard part.” Chelsey: “Great.”Nardia: “What happens is I scrub my standing shower for soap scum.”Chelsey: “It’s so much more stressful when you’re doing somebody else’s shower. You know!?” (laughter)Chelsey: “Okay.. Now we rinse it off.” Nardia: “Yes.”We scrub for mold, rinse and dry everything.Chelsey: “Oh, your favorite part, right?” Nardia: “My favorite part. It’s the last spot.”Chelsey: (splash) “Oops! Oh geez, watch out. This is dangerous.” (flush) Nardia: “Right, right around. Ok.”Then the floor gets a scrub down, new towels are hung and the bathroom’s done!A quick check under the beds and we vacuum out of the room.Erica comes back in to inspect our work.Chelsey: “Oh. Now she’s calling me out.”So with all the rushing around and slowing Nardia down I definitely needed more work, but would I be hired?Erica: “Sure.” Chelsey: “Really?! Thank you so much.” Erica: “You’re welcome.”—————Chelsey: “It normally takes Nardia up to 20 minutes to clean a room, and that’s when they are really bad. It took us… An hour and a half. Thank you for your patience Nardia and Erica.”