Teacher Leaving 2nd Grade after 43 Years 

Many of us have a school teacher we’ll never forget. You know the one who made school a little more fun, the one you were sad to leave when summer rolled around.We introduce you to a teacher at the Holden School who has touched many lives. They say teachers provide stepping stones for their students’ futures. ” It became my passion and as my husband can tell you, I probably spent more time, or as much time, here at school as I have in my own home,” said Joy Knowles, a 2nd grade teachers at Holden School.After 43 years teaching the second grade, Mrs. Knowles is leaving the position.” She’s so nice. She was the best teacher ever,” said Emily Tarr, a former students of Mrs. Knowles. For students and teachers at the Holden School, they’ll miss her smiling face and her fun lessons.” We made the garden outside the school and stuff and we had a bunch of animals,” said Michael Grimble, a former student of Mrs. Knowles. A stone presented to Mrs. Knowles will sit in the garden at school. She says she’ll never forget her students, and as for what she’ll miss the most, that’s simple.” Second graders and their hugs,” smiled Knowles. Forty-three years worth of hugs.Knowles isn’t leaving education all together. She’ll be staying at the school to work with the Gifted and Talented Program.