Officials Urge Pet Owners to Keep Animals Cool During Warm Summer Months 

It can sometimes be difficult to part with your dog as you head out the door.But for some animal lovers who just can’t let go, taking their dog along to run errands on a hot summer day can actually put them in danger.”Our state (of being) is a very specific 98.6 degrees all the time, a dog’s temperature tends to creep up and normally 100, 102 but on a hot day it creeps up to 103 sometimes 104 or even higher if its really hot,” says Dr. Dave Cloutier with the Veazie Veterinary ClinicDr. Cloutier says unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat, they pant as a means of cooling down.The method is not efficient and when their body temperature rises over a hundred, they run the risk of heat stroke.”Start getting 104, 105, organ damage starts to occur, liver damage, kidneys brain, vital organs so that’s when you’re getting heat stroke,” he said.Taking your dog on a ride can result in legal trouble for the owner.If you see a dog struggling in a hot car, police officers say don’t try to break in and take them out, that can result in a civil fine. Instead call 911.Sergeant Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department says even if you have doubts, it’s always best to play it safe.”Quite frankly, we are very animal friendly we realize that animals can die, become very sick in a car, that’s locked in the car with no ventilation it’s very important,” he said.Dr. Cloutier says the best thing to do is leave your furry friend at home, but if you have to take your dog with you, he recommends bringing water and a leash.”Dogs are very important to their owners they’re also a feeling thing so it’s important to treat them with compassion.”Compassion that can ultimately mean life or death for your pet.