Warren Center Gets New Home 

Bare walls and some missing furniture are really no big deal.”Oh, I think the staff have just been tremendously pleased,” said Penobsct Community Health Care’s President, Rev. Bob Carlson.The Warren Center has officially moved into its new home at 992 Union Street.”Well, it gives us more space, it gives us individual treatment rooms and it allows for handicap access for the actual soundproof booth that we use to do a lot of the testing.”The speech and hearing center is now part of Penobscot Community Health Care’s main complex.”It’s bright, it’s cheerful, it’s airy. A lot of sunlight.”And a lot more patients.”We’re actually seeing between sixty-five, and with the expanded space maybe we could get to about one hundred patients a day.”And with plans to expand other offices, it seems the future will only get brighter and bigger.