Cross Country Bike Ride for MS Awareness 

These bikers are gearing up for a four-thousand mile ride from Bar Harbor to Seattle: a coast to coast trip for a cause. They’re raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis research.”If people don’t know about MS nobody can raise money for research for it. When people see you out on the bikes like we are, they pay a lot more attention,” said cyclist Peter Batinski.The 23 bikers aren’t racing through the trip. They want to make sure to spread the word about their cause along their ride.”We’re going to take our time, get to know people along the way, do some volunteer projects. It takes us about 2 months,” said Donald Fraser, organizer of the ride.It’s all part of their mission to help those with the disease.”About 400,000 americans have MS so it’s an important cause to a lot of people,” said Fraser.While they are raising awareness for all of those living with MS, for some of these bikers the ride is personal.”My mom has MS, she’s still alive. She’ll be 65 this year and shes had it ever since I was born,” said Fraser.”My sister in law has MS and once I saw how that affects the family and all that…and you know I didn’t really know what MS was before that,” said Batinski.Making sure more people know about MS and raising awareness is this team’s priority. They say while MS research has come a long way, there’s still more work to be done. “I have no doubt that if we keep working as hard as we have been, we’ll see some real changes pretty soon,” said Fraser.Changes like better treatments and maybe finally finding a cure.If you’d like to donate to their cause or follow their journey, you can log on to