John Bapst Tennis Ace Bob Tom Flynn Looks to Bring State Title Back Home 

Most of the top tennis players in Maine are from the southern part of our state. But there’s a teen in Eastern Maine who has a shot at a state title. That boy is Bob Tom Flynn of John Bapst. Flynn is seeded second in the state this spring. Only two of the top 12 are from the East. But as Tim Throckmorton tells us, Flynn thinks he has a shot.***”I’m gonna try Western Maine has players that get so much more practice time and more accessibility to courts they’ve dominated.”And that may be one reason the Flynn has dominated in the East. His family owns the Ellsworth Tennis Center and he hits with the teaching pro’s there on occasion.”And I go to tournaments on the weekends and get that competition, so I think I’m pretty match tough for the Western Maine guys.”Last year Flynn was seeded 5th for the states and made the final four before losing. This year he’s been cruising through the season and putting fear into his opponents.”Its a lot of fun because when you go to shake someones hand right before a match they’re looking at you like oh my gosh this is the guy. So you go out there withthis nervous opponent and it already gets you three or four games. There is pressure on my, but you have to get past the pressure.”***The only other Eastern Maine boy in the top 12 is Tyler Small of Ellsworth at number 8. By the way Bob Tom Flynn will attend the University of St. Andrews in Scotland in the fall.