High School Students Launch Boats they Constructed in Science Class 

Some Searsport High School students have taken part in a unique science class.They built two wooden boats and Friday, they launched them.Seven Searsport High School students have been working hard for weeks now, constructing two wooden boats as part of their science class.”It’s really hands-on and it was something different.”The project didn’t come without challenges.”Trying to get the measurements right and making sure everything was going to fit snug.”The students say they didn’t just learn science, but teamwork too.”Well we had to have the patience for other people that hadn’t used the tools and haven’t done this or that.”The high school collaborated with the Penobscot Marine Museum on the project and they are excited to team up again next year.”This time we would like to add the math curriculum as well. The school would work on that with us and the math teacher and science teacher would participate. There’s equally as much math as you can learn science principles in the construction process.”The students couldn’t be happier to see the results of their hard work hit the water.”It was really awesome. It was fulfilling and I was proud of everyone who worked on it.”The students will have a chance to take their creations out on the water a little more, then they’ll go up for sale at $3,500 for each boat. All the proceeds will go toward next year’s project.