Desert of Maine State-Cation 

When you think of Maine — mountains, lakes, forests and ocean might come to mind.But one thing you probably wouldn’t think of is a desert. Lauren Morrison headed down to Freeport and found the latest State-Cation… The Desert of Maine.Who would have ever thought that hidden between the pine trees and rocky shorelines of our state, there’d be a desert?But a desert is exactly what you’ll find in Freeport.The Desert of Maine was formed by both poor farming and a glacier that moved through the area thousands of years ago, leaving behind it’s silt.”In the 17-1800s, this was a very productive farm, but through the years, course back then they didn’t know about rotating crops to save the land and the nutrition, so what they did is they actually eroded the soil away and under it was glacier silt.”While the farming days for this land may be long gone, the original barn, which was built in 1783, still stands.”It was actually built in Portland and when the gentleman, Mr. Tuttle, bought this property, without telling his wife, she came and looked at it and said, if I’m going to move here, you need to bring my barn and my house.”Not only do folks from far and wide come to see this unusual landscape…”I’ve had people from Germany, and England, and France”…but sand from all over the globe has made it’s way to the Desert of Maine as well.”And then of course, throughout the years, people have sent samples of sands from throughout the whole world. So we have a pretty good sand collection.”Admission into this natural attraction includes a 30 minute guided tram ride, complete with historical tidbits about the area.Many animals have been seen roaming through this sandy tundra….but desert elves are also known to leave behind hidden gems…which kids are encouraged to search for.This location may be off the beaten path, but that didn’t stop Marc Heft, a travel blogger all way from Manhattan, from stopping by this unique destination.”It’s incredible! You know you’re used to seeing Maine and seeing lighthouses and rocks and ocean and then out here, you drive up and there’s this big desert in the middle of it and it’s really beautiful.”From camping, to sleuthing, to a newly added butterfly garden, this week’s state-cation really does have something for everyone.”You’re missing a lot. Lots of people, especially in Maine, you travel the state to see what’s going on, a lot of people don’t know what’s going on in their own backyard.”But you better hurry on down…as Mother Nature reclaims the once fertile land, the desert grows smaller and smaller…”So in about 300 years, we’ll have to find another job because their probably won’t be a Desert of Maine anymore.”