Bar Harbor Performs Mass Rescue Drill 

It was a situation representing a worst case scenario.”It’s a cruise ship disaster. Two tenders collided.”But this cruise ship accident is part of a planned drill. “We actually started about a year and a half ago, started the planning process,” said Paul Culver, Volunteer Coordinator.Many different agencies, including the US Coast Guard, the American Red Cross and local fire stations and ambulances are part of the drill. Congressman Mike Michaud was also there to thank everyone for participating.”Hopefully we’ll never see an accident occur but if there is, we have to be prepared for it,” said Rep. Michaud.All of these agencies are putting their plans and training to use to find out how well they work.”We do a lot of training beforehand so that our volunteers are ready to respond to people in crisis and just knowing how to deal with an event that comes up suddenly,” said Gretchen O’Grady, Emergency Services Director at the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross.Volunteers are brought in to act as victims. They’re given a specific identity and a description of their injuries.”Facial lacerations, dirt in my eyes, and a dislocated shoulder,” said Patrick White, a volunteer at the event describing his assigned injuries. These actors play important roles in the overall operation. “They’re very critical to the responders for even in the medical side but also in the accountability side at the reception center because that’s where the cruise line would reach out to say, ‘Well, do you have such and such a person?” said Culver.After it’s over, the crews go over how their plans worked and make adjustments if necessary.”The actual event that may happen or perhaps will happen someday might not resemble this, but the things that you learn from an event like this will work in any other event that you really do have to respond to,” said O’Grady.The participating agencies agree this drill is the best kind of training to make sure they’re prepared to respond to any emergency.