Nobel Peace Prize Winner Speaks to Thorndike Students 

Students in Thorndike visited with a true V-I-P at school today – a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Shirin Ebadi was the first woman in Iran to serve as a judge in the 1970’s.She’s also a human rights activist and was named a Nobel Peace Laureate in 2003. Ebadi was invited to Mount View High School as part of a prize won by students in the PeaceJam service club. The students received an international award for creating a school-wide recycling program and sustainable agriculture projects.Through an interpreter, Ebadi said those projects have made a big difference for the community. “I was very impressed by what I saw, I was impressed that recycling is being taught to the kids and the fact that there’s no waste in this school. Also they teach the kids how to live a healthy life.”Junior Becca Kimball says, “It’s a mind blowing experience, completely. I would never have thought I’m going to have this nobel peace prize laureate coming to my school and having lunch with her and really getting to know her kind of.”This is the second time the PeaceJam students have met a Peace Prize winner. They also talked with the former president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, when they picked up their international award in Denver last fall.