Statecation: Aldemere Farm 

If you’re looking to stay close to home this summer, all this month Lauren Morrison is offering suggestions for “State-cations.”This week she takes us to Aldermere Farm in Rockport.Aldermere Farm straddles the line between Rockport and Camden on a road known for it’s scenic views. “It’s a beautiful walk or ride and many people have been coming here for decades as this is their Sunday drive to not only see the pastures but of course those beautiful Belted Galloway cattle.” Speaking of those Belted Galloway cattle, or Oreos, as some people affectionatly call them, they’re the oldest continously operated herd of Belties in the United States. Folks travel from far and wide just to take a peek at the livestock that has become the farm’s trademark. Since Aldermere Farm is a working farm, the staff here only open the gates to the public every Friday, at no cost, beginning in mid-June. “We’ll have a docent to give a nice, about hour long tour, and come back around behind the barn where it’s not usually accessible to the community to get an up close look at the Belties.”The history of Aldermere Farm began with Albert Chatfield and his family, who owned and operated the farm until leaving it to Maine Coast Heritage Trust back in 1999.”He knew that his family wasn’t really into farming in his older age, so he’d been working with Maine Coast Heritage Trust for 30 years and said ok, i’m going to give this land to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.”One of the largest public events the farm holds is the calf unveiling ceremony. “Our calf unveiling day, we invite the whole community to come out to see the baby calves that have been born. Right now we have about 15 that have been born so far.”While nothing can really beat an afternoon of looking at baby animals, the goal of Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Aldermere Farm is to get people thinking. “We’re really trying to focus on land conservation and sustainable agriculture. Really having them understand that a farm is part of the footprint of a local community”If you want to check out Aldermere Farm, it is located at 70 Russell Avenue in Rockport.Saturday would be a good opportunity for a visit. They are having their annual spring calf unveiling ceremony. It begins at 10:00 a.m. and will last until 3:00 p.m. The best part about the event… it’s free!For more information on event’s going on at the farm this summer, you can visit their website at