Take This Job and Love It: Apollo Day Spa 

If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It email Chelsey at [email protected] many of our Take This Job and Love It segments, reporter Chelsey Anderson is grunting her way through heavy lifting. In this edition, Chelsey went to a more relaxing place. Apollo Day Spa in Waterville.Chelsey: “That’s right. In this job, I wouldn’t be doing any lifting of bagel dough, spawning salmon, or climbing up a telephone pole in lumber jill gear. I would, however, still be getting my hands dirty. It all starts with waxing.”————————-Karen: “We’re going to be demonstrating an arm wax. So kind of load it up and then remove it from the back. And I apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows.”Chelsey: “Like butter. I’m going to grab one of these, and just lay it over the top.” Karen: “Yep. I’ll hold the skin because that’s the important thing, and then you’ll pull in the direction, opposite the direction the hair grows.” Chelsey: “Okay, are you scared?” Karen: “No.” Chelsey: “You ready?” Karen: “Uh-huh.” Karen: “Go that way with it.” (RIP) Karen: “Nice!”Chelsey: “Hey, this isn’t so bad. You’re not even screaming.” Karen: “No, not at all.” Chelsey: “I was afraid for you.”Chelsey: (RIP) “Ooo. That was a slow one. I’m sorry.” Karen: “That’s okay.” Chelsey: “That was like a bad band aid.”Chelsey: “Is that clean enough.” Karen: “That’s perfect.”With Karen’s arms smooth, she moved me on to doing a pedicure on Ashley.Karen: “The first thing you’re going to do is grab her foot.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Karen: “You’re going to take half that.”Chelsey: “Uh-huh.” Karen: “Just to exfoliate the top layer of skin.”Ashley rinses her feet and I dry them.Chelsey: “This is a true pampering here.”Then I removed callused areas with a pumice bar.Karen: “Just file them down a bit.”After a rinse and dry again, I removed Ashley’s old nail polish and filed straight across the nail.Karen: “The file sometimes leaves a little bit of a sharp edge, so you’re going to take a buffing block and just kind of go over like that.”I treated her cuticles with oil and pushed the excess skin back a little. I finish with some lotion and a quick massage before focusing on the polish.Chelsey: “There’s so much concentration here.”And I’m finished.Chelsey: “They’re all shiny.”Ashley: “They’re awesome. She did a really good job.”Next, I did a manicure, which is very similar to a pedicure, except for Karen’s very cool polish choice. Shatter. It crackles right before your eyes.Chelsey: “There. Now it’s pretty.”Finally, I had a clear gloss treatment to mix up with Jess and put on Laura.Chelsey: “There. Is that tight enough? Or is it loose enough, I should say!” (laughter) Laura: “Yeah, I can breath.”Then Jess and I separated Laura’s hair into four sections and glossed down the parts.Jess: “You’re going to start here. Applying at the root and you’re going to work all the way down.”Chelsey: “Should I just take this whole last section?” Jess: “Yep.”I worked my way around Laura’s head and finished by pulling the gloss through the length of her hair.Jess: “You’re doing a great job. It’s easy to have color going everywhere.” Chelsey: “Thank you.” Jess: “You’re being so neat.”When the gloss was finished processing, I rinsed and washed Laura’s hair before it was styled.So after all the yanking, scrubbing, polishing and glossing, would I get the job?Jess: “You could definitely be hired at Apollo Day Spa. You took a lot of care in making sure everybody was comfortable and well serviced. Absolutely.”——————-Chelsey: “Thanks to everyone at Apollo Day Spa for their help and guidance.”