Congregation Unites After Fire Destroys Church 

An eerie quiet is what you’ll find in the remains of the Calvary Apostolic Church.A fire on Thursday burned nearly every piece of its sixty-year history.But in just the few days since, its congregation has found its voice.”This is going to make us stronger. I believe it with all my heart,” said usher, Andrew Doyon.Doyon stood by fellow community members last week as the building was destroyed before his eyes.”It’s pretty sad. Like I got punched in the stomach. You know, watching your own home burn up. You know, I’ve called that my home for the past thirteen years.”But the family behind it is still intact.The congregation met at the Winterport Baptist Church for its first Sunday service since the fire.”We have a very supportive, very strong family and when something like this happens it draws us together,” said Pastor Tom Channel.The Baptist Church was one of a long list of locations that offered to host Pastor Channel’s service.”It’s quite overwhelming. The response that everyone has given to us, all of the words of hope and of faith and joining together.”It could be months before the congregation is back in its own church, which they plan to rebuild in the same spot its last one stood.Until then, the support of four walls seems secondary to the strength they’ve found in numbers.