Students Prepare for Workforce with Showcase 

It’s like a test run for future job seekers.”They’re all looking for excellent academic work. That’s a baseline expectation,” said Professor John Zavodny.A standard held by potential employers, but also the judges at Unity College.”The design is to recognize quality work. So, in order to get into the show, into the conference, a student has to be sponsored by a faculty member,” said Zavodny.It’s what drives the competition at the college’s annual student conference, an end of the year opportunity for select students to showcase an idea.”We put a lot of work into this model. I mean we spent hours and hours on it, sometimes until two, three in the morning,” said student, Gregory Westman.But it got their Komodo Dragon project into the show. It’s a model built to scale that could house the reptiles in an exhibit.For Chelsey Buehler, the challenge was really more of an opportunity for the brains behind it.”I would like to be somewhere along the lines of a reptile breeder when I graduate, so Komodo Dragons were my first choice.”Which is why the conference’s prizes really aren’t the incentive for the students selected.”You know, a lot of the research we’re doing at school, no one ever sees except for ourselves, and it’s a great opportunity to invite the public in and see what kids at the school are researching and it’s also great for future job opportunities,” said student, Ari Leach.Because as they rack up their award nominations, their resumes are only getting longer.