Winterport School Welcomes 26 Foreign Students for International Day 

26 students from 16 different countries marched into Wagner Middle School’s Gymnasium. It was International Day at the Winterport school.”We just come here and share everything so you can know more about us and understand us more,” said an international student from Thailand. These students are spending the year living and studying in local towns. They came to Winterport to teach local children about their cultures through different activities. “I thought it was just going to be an hour and a half of sitting here listening to people talk. I didn’t know it was going to be interactive like that. It was so much fun,” said Tien Misler, eighth grade. Whether the visitors were singing their national anthem, performing a traditional dance or teaching the kids how to play a game from their countries, the crowd was excited to participate. “It was really fun to get up and see what other cultures do,” said Daija Misler, sixth grade. Sylvia Williams helped organize International Day. She says events like this help open our eyes to how alike we all are.”I think that this is a wonderful opportunity for us to come to understand other people of the world, to capitalize on our likenesses rather than on our differences and to learn that there are lots of things that we have in common,” said Williams, Volunteer at the American Field Service. International Day didn’t end with the assembly. The foreign students also went around to different classrooms, teaching smaller groups about what life is like back at home.