Shrine Circus Comes To Town 

The Anah Shrine Circus is in Maine this weekend.The Cotton Candy is made, the snow cones are ready and Friday afternoon the first spectators will be going into the Bangor Auditorium for the first of seven shows.This is the 48th year the Circus has been in Bangor.This year is a mixture of new acts like the Wheel of Doom, and animal acts like the trained Afghan Hounds and a Primate Act.And a pair from the Ukraine has a hula hooping performance too.For the Shriners the organization and preparation for the show takes about a year and in the days leading up to the opening of the circus it’s nearly a round the clock job to get ready.But, according to the Potentate Bill Dawson, those preps end when the doors open for the first show.” Once the Auditorium goes dark and the spotlights turn on and Charlie the Ringmaster comes out the excitement begins and we can sit back and enjoy the show.”The first show begins at three Friday afternoon the doors will open at two o’clock. Tickets at the door cost 5 dollars for kids, 10 for adults, pre-sold tickets are a dollar cheaper.For more information on show times or where to purchase advance tickets you can visit their website www.anahshriners.comNext weekend the circus will be at Forum in Presque Isle.