UMaine Students Shave their Heads for Childhood Cancer 

Students at UMaine celebrated Maine Day on Wednesday. It’s an annual event dedicated to community service and one group of students organized a way to raise money through a personal sacrifice.One hundred people signed up to ditch their locks for a good cause. UMaine students organized this head shaving event to show support for children with cancer. “It’s a good cause, kids with cancer. It’s a very hard thing for them to live with and its just a way for us to support them,” said Conor Campbell, one of the participants.An on-campus organization called Circle K made it all happen. They’re fundraising for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which funds research for childhood cancers. “I feel proud of myself and proud of everyone else that’s shaving their heads for a good cause,” said India Stewart.She was the lead event organizer and decided to shave her head along with the others. While many who signed up were taking part to show support for all kids living with cancer, Stewart did it for one in particular.”I’m doing it for Courtney Johnson. She died of brain cancer at 1 year old. She had to have a mohawk when she was going through radiation so the first haircut I did today was a mohawk and then I shaved it off,” said Stewart.Shaving it off wasn’t done in vain. The group far exceeded their original fundraising goal and inspired many others on campus to take part.”We had about 20 shavees in the beginning and now we’re up to 100. It’s just every single day I look at the money raising and it’s just going up and up and up. And I’m like, I already feel like it’s a success,” said Stewart.If success can be measured by numbers alone, few would disagree. $2,000 was their original goal and by the time they plugged in their razors, they had raised $13,000.