High School Students Stand Up for Kid-Safe Products Act 

Some students at Camden Hills Regional High School are taking a stand on behalf of the Kid-Safe Products Act.Students at Camden Hills Regional High School are collecting signatures, which they will be sending to the governor in hopes of persuading him to leave the Kid-Safe Products Act alone.”We felt if we didn’t do this that none of the high school students would know basically what is planning on happening to our environment.”The Kid-Safe Products Act was passed three years ago by Maine lawmakers after scientific studies by the EPA showed a link between BPA and many life-altering health issues.”I thought it was definitely something the school would be interested in. We took it onboard, did a lot of research and we looked through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and found an article that basically said what we were looking to say.”That article says everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family.”I think they’re real concerned about the fact that in general the public doesn’t have a say on some, I think there’s 85,000 registered synthetic chemicals in our country.”They say only about 10-percent have been tested.The big message, keep Maine as chemical free as possible and the lesson for other high school students.”To step out of the box. Be involved.”