Students “Take Back the Tap” At Colby College 

The members of Enviroco, the Colby Environmental Coalition are putting an end to the sale of bottled water on the Colby College campus.For the past three years, they’ve been working on a campaign called “Take Back the Tap” to remove plastic water bottles from school grounds. “We’re trying to educate students and faculty and staff members to bring their own water bottles around and kind of wean them off their dependence on bottled water,” said Enviroco President Sarah Sorenson.Bottles they say are polluting the environment.Sorenson hopes the flow of information will not only educate the Colby community about the concerns over bottled water but also persuade them to look for alternatives.”Water is a human right, it’s essential to life and you shouldn’t have to pay one to five dollars for a bottle.”The campaign was one of the many student run activities highlighted during the college’s 7th Annual Earth Day Expo.”We’ve had students setting up an organic garden, maple surgering, they’re revived the sap near our arboretum,” said Bruce MacDougal.MacDougal is one of the faculty advisors who says the students at Colby are making a difference and hopes their commitment will inspire prospective students.And as the college continues to build on its environmentally friendly initiatives, MacDougal predicts a bright future with a shade of green ahead.