Finance is Fun: Saving for College 

Retirement savings–  According to a 2010 poll 24% of parents plan on taking money from their retirement to pay for their children’s college education. Advisor’s were’ troubled’ according to the article with one advisor saying, “You can borrow for college. You can’t borrow for retirement.” 529 plans– these are the Tax deferred plans for college savings. Money in the plans provide assets for ANY post-secondary educational entity be it trades such a welding or cooking school, two-year certificates of a four-year degree. They can aklso be used for graduate programs in any state. Each state offers their own plans and the benefits of using your state’s plan are costs for residents and / or tax benefits for contributions. But money from any 529 can be used at any school.Strategies– Don’t wait if you plan on helping your kids. Start saving right away. If that opportunity has passed look at less expensive options for schools. Does the baby really need an Ivy league school? You may want them to dream big but who’s going to pay? Will you live with them in retirement? Choose less expensive schools for the first 2 years and then go on to another college.The thing with Ivy League schools – and some others- is that they will not accept any transfer credits. They want your money. Have kids work towards their costs at and set aside some money as far ahead as possible to have some nest egg ready.I would urge you to do what you feel you have to do but please limit removing your retirement.  Try to be practical and not too emotionally torn…Braintrack and the Gallop poll:Your text to link…College board:Your text to link…Disclosure:Only securities and advisory services offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. and Norumbega Financial are separate entities, independently owned and operated.