Hutchings Greenhouse Uses Green Energy 

Some farmers in Eddington have made their greenhouses a little greener. The Hutchings installed four geothermal heating units in their greenhouses when the price of oil started going up.”Geothermal is a green energy product that allows us to take low grade energy from the ground and convert it into high grade energy into your house and we can do this for about a third of the cost of oil today,” said Dan Herweg, President of Aerotherm Inc.Dan Herweg is the President of Aerotherm Incorporated and he worked with the Hutchings on installing their units. To them this system had an obvious advantage.”The price of oil…money! It’s an expensive business. And it’s great we don’t have an oil bill,” said Beth Hutchings. The Hutchings say they’ve saved thousands of dollars with this system. So they’ve opened up their greenhouse to other farmers who might be interested in doing the same. One greenhouse owner from North Berwick drove almost three hours to check it out.”Any information we can find out about alternative energy is very important to us. We have a greenhouse operation, we have a farm market that’s fairly good size. We use a great deal of energy,” said David Tuttle.Herweg says his systems are cost effective and also better for the environment.”We’re using renewable energy to be able to operate these units, the refrigerants we’re using are all ozone safe refrigerants and we’re getting off the oil,” he said.The Hutchings use the geothermal units in addition to wood-fired heating for their greenhouses. Since installing them, they haven’t had to use a drop of oil. And as for their electricity bill…it was only 150 dollars this March. For the Hutchings, going green saved them some green.