Judge is Asked to Intervene on Labor Mural Issue 

Another twist to the story of the controversial labor mural that once hung in the lobby of the Department of Labor in Augusta.A group of maine lawyers is asking a federal judge to intervene and force governor Lepage to put the mural back. The lawyers have filed a temporary restraining order asking that the governor reveal the location of the mural and put it back where it was.Governor Lepage had the mural removed last month because he said it only gives a one-sided view of Maine’s labor history. The decision to remove the mural has sparked outrage among some and ignited a national debate. The lawsuit alleges the governor is denying the plaintiffs their first amendment rights by not allowing them to look at the mural. Jeff young, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, tells TV5 the state has filed a response with the court.A conference call is scheduled for Monday afternoon between the two sides and justice John Woodcock of Bangor to discuss the matter.Among the six plaintiffs in the case are three maine artists and a union representative.