A Marine’s Guide to Fishing Premieres at Bangor Mall Cinemas 

A unique short film premiered at the Bangor Mall Cinemas Thursday night.It’s called A Marine’s Guide to Fishing and it’s raising awareness for disabled veterans.A NYU student from Maine wrote and directed the short film.The lead actor, Matthew Pennington was born in Texas, but grew up in Winterport. He was wounded in combat and said he really related to the film’s story.” It was kind of therapeutic. Before that I was kind of reclusive in my house. Being able to act and express my feelings and emotions. I think the environment your in, you are more able to be yourself.”” I approached this film knowing that there was sort of an issue. I was really curious about learning more about. In particular veterans issues. Sort of the process of young veterans coming home and what happens after the parades and heroes welcome. I felt like that wasn’t something that was being talked about but was something that many young veterans were dealing with.”All the proceeds from Thursday night’s premiere went towards the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes.To find out more about the coalition visit their website