Take This Job and Love It: Central Maine Motors 

If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey: [email protected]————–Spring is finally here, and for many warmer weather means spring cleaning and maintenance for their cars. Chelsey Anderson drove to Waterville for this month’s Take This Job and Love It.Chelsey: “The folks at Central Maine Motors were more than happy to take me on in their maintenance crew, because they’re always busy, and, hey, an extra set of hands always helps. Well, that’s what they say at least.”—————-Mark, Central Maine Motors: “That’s an A typical 5,000 mile service that we do a lot of. You bring it in, change the oil and filter, check all your fluids and we top off any fluid that’s low. Rotate your tires, check and clean and adjust your brakes if necessary.”At Central Maine Motors in Waterville a two person team takes care of this in about 30-minutes. So, Chewie and RJ were already changing the oil and filter, and checking all the fluids and the tire pressure when I stepped in just in time to help rotate the tires.Chewie, Central Maine Motors: “They’re heavy. You might not want to.” Chelsey: “Well I can give it a try.”Chelsey: “Okay, so I’ll try and put this one up.” Chewie: “Okay.” Chelsey: “Is there something I should know.” Chewie:”The easiest way to do it is to put it up on your legs like this and pull it up.” Chelsey: “Oh my gosh! Okay.” Chewie: “And set it on those two bolts.”Chewie: “So just reach down and grab her right about there.” Chelsey: “Okay.” (grunting) Chewie: “Or not.” Chelsey: “My shirt’s strangling me. Okay, just a second.”Chewie checked the depth for the amount of brake pad left while I adjusted, and gave it another go.Chelsey: “But I’m so close.”I got the tire set and bolted it onto the wheel.That whole process took me several minutes. The guys showed me how they did it while I timed them.Chelsey: “They’re done. Not even a minute. And they were lolly gagging.”Tightening the bolts still took me longer than the guys.Chelsey: “Does it fit a certain way? Oh no.”Thankfully the tires were finished and all I had left was filling the oil and vacuuming the front floorboard.Chewie: “Okay, grab that.” Chelsey: “Grab what, this?” Chewie: “Yep.” (laughter) “No really, grab it.” (laughter)Chelsey: “Is it going to overfill?” Chewie: “No, because you’re going to stop it when it says 8 quarts.”Once I met my mark I check the dipstick.Chelsey: “Okay. Done?” Chewie: “Yep, shut it.” Chelsey: “Tah-dah!”After vacuuming the floor boards and it evaluation time. But honestly, I had my doubts about getting this job. Not only was it difficult, but I started out on the wrong foot. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, how my shirt was buttoned. Not my proudest moment. Regardless, did I get the job?Chewie: “Probably not.” Chelsey: “Why not?” Chewie: “Because the tires are too big.” Chelsey: “I do agree. Those were really heavy.” Chewie: “And those aren’t the biggest.”————–Chelsey: “Chewie suggested I keep practicing, but I think I’ll leave this work up to the professionals. Thank you to Central Maine Motors for all their help. If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email me: [email protected]