Edna Bragg Celebrates 106th Birthday 

A woman in Bangor celebrated quite the milestone Friday.As Meghan Hayward tells us, Edna Bragg has had quite a few parties over the years.We were at Edna Bragg’s 100th birthday celebration, then a few years later when she turned 103.So ofcourse, we had to join her at her 106th birthday.”Right now, I think I’m very lucky to be here and be able to do so in a way.”Bragg is the oldest resident at the Phillips-Strickland House in Bangor.Originally from Hampden, she’s also the oldest resident of the town.Does she have a secret to living this long?”No, I don’t have anything. How do I get up to be 106? How does anybody get there? It’s just nature I guess.”In her younger years, she had a few hobbies.”I knit. I used to crochet and embroider. Anything that there was to do in that line I did.”A friend of hers, Doris Dow, who just recently turned 100 herself, played the piano and sang happy birthday to her.Bragg’s grand-daughter, Susan Hall, says the family is happy to be celebrating another birthday.”So I’m looking forward to celebrating her 107th birthday actually. Living here is really nice because they’re very special people. It’s made it easy for her to continue on.”Plenty of people were on hand to celebrate the milestone.”It’s very nice. She sometimes balks a little at having parties but in the end she has a really good time. She enjoys people and always has. People love her.”