Harlem Globetrotters Entertain Bangor Auditorium 

A nice sized crowd on hand tonight at the Bangor Auditorium for the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. Once again, this collection of basketball magicians took down the Washington Generals and entertained fans with their collection of tricks. New with the Globetrotters this year is the four point shot. It’s a circle located 35 feet from the hoop. The Globetrotters made good use of it. Just one more innovation for a team that’s been going at it for 85 years.Firefly Fisher – Harlem Globetrotters”We’re able to put smiles on people faces every single night. For 85 years we’ve been doing that it’s a family entertainment show. We’re able to show case our talent, we’re able to showcase our personality and our showmanship. That’s the reason why we’ve been so successful for so long and hopefully well be able to go for another 85 years.”Casey Harris – Bangor”I just think the way they interact with the crowd and the stuff they do with the ball is insane.”Who is your favorite player?Daisy Harris – Bangor”Firefly. He is very funny and he moves around and makes jokes.”