Two Men Battling Brain Injuries Hope to Raise Awareness 

Each year thousands upon thousands of Mainers suffer brain injuries.To help promote awareness of that, two men who beat the odds considering what happened to them are sharing their personal experiences of living with brain injury.Scott Edward Kimball and Patrick Skidgel are two very different men who are bonded by brain injuries.The two men use their stories to inspire others battling similar symptoms.The Brain Injury Information Network says 10-thousand Mainers experience brain injury each year.Kimball says he lived a dark life that included drugs and alcohol. One night changed the course of his life forever.”Stupid me, I got into the liquor and I had the car there and ended up driving,” he said when he remembered some of the events of the night he crashed his car.He was unconscious, but EMT’s were able to revive him. Since then he’s had to adjust to life with a brain injury.Despite all of the challenges, he believes he’s been given a second chance.”Second chance of doing things right instead of wrong,” he said.Skidgel was a high schooler with dreams of going to the Air Force Academy.When he began suffering from intense migranes, he noticed something was off.”I noticed that I kept losing bits and pieces of the day.”Doctors noticed a tumor on his brain. He underwent several surgeries to get rid of it, but after doctors removed it, others developed.Skidgel’s ultimate dream of becoming an Astronaut was shattered as he began to lose his vision.These days, Skidgel says he doesn’t want to dwell on the past, but instead move forward.”I can say oh yeah I could have been but I’ve learned other things now and I’m doing something else.”Skidgel and Kimball credit their success to rehabilitation, they say it’s helped them get back on their feet. They hope the biggest lesson people learn from their stories is life goes on.