Students at Marion Cook School Prepare for Odyssey of the Mind 

In preparation for this weekend’s Odyssey of the Mind Competition, some students at the Marion Cook School in Lagrange gave their fellow classmates a sneak peek at their skit.This is the first year Odyssey of the Mind has been offered at the Marion Cook School in Lagrange.”I think it’s a great way for kids to use their creativity, to use their imagination and to work with other students. It’s just fantastic.”The Unhinged Structure is the theme these students picked.”You have to create and design a structure that will hold weight but also has to have some sort of a hinge involved with the structure, but it still has to hold weight. So the kids have really had to dig into their memory and they did some online research for it as well.”They also have to do a skit. Theirs focuses on school bullying. “I think it’s a great asset for the kids to be involved into. At such a young age they aren’t into the cyber-bullying but they’re aware of it. I think it gives them an idea of learning how to deal with it and take care of themselves.”The students have taken an important lesson away.”That bullying puts a lot of weight on people and i can hurt more than some people think.”They hope to have the opportunity to do this again.”Work on achieving. It helps us learn creative skills and working with other people. It also helps us get better grades in school.”They will travel to Sanford Saturday to compete, trying to earn their way to the national competition in Maryland.