State website hacked – Officials say 1000 people affected have been notified 

Credit card information may have been stolen for some people who bought state park passes on line. The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands learned in February that their online system for the sale of state park passes, provided by a private vendor, was hacked by “malware.” The breach happened between March an December of last year. State officials say nearly 1000 Mainers who might have been affected have been notified. Secretary of State Charles Summers says the California based company that handled online state park pass purchases notified state officials of the security breach. “This outside vendor has a contract that is about to expire that will not be renewed,” Summers told reporters on Thursday. “The folks from “InformMe” (Information Resource of Maine) will be taking over the web services for that. But it’s just important to note that the people’s information here in Maine is safe.” Jeanne Curran, a spokesperson for the Department of Conservation, says that no other state websites have been compromised. You can still get park passes by phone or through the mail.